If you are Well-Wisher of a person you will from a positive opinion of him if you are not a Well- Wisher of a person you will nagitive opinion of him.

These days in society a person often has some or the complaint against people. Horbouring complaint is so common that it is pure to find a person whose heart is empty of complaint against others. Complaints are the root cause for why people have negative opinions of others and develop misunderstandings about them. My mission which is inspired from Islam is to completely root out complaints from within we should consider complaints unlawful just as wine is prohibited. Consider horbouring complaints against others as unlawful. If you have an experience that develops complaints you have two options:First you shouldn’t think about it and say that you have nothing to do with it, Second if you want to any from an opinion it is your duty to question scrutinize and go into the depth of their matter. You should either scrutinize the matter or forget about it. People take the third option,

They neither Investigate the matter nor do they forget it they simply from an opinion and this opinion is Always nagitive in such matters. Whenever any statement comes before you it is incomplete. I have experienced that whenever people report on a matter they never do “As it is” Reporting newspaper don’t do “As it is" Reporting. A person either plays down a statement or exaggerates it while reporting. No one does as it is reporting. Since as it is reporting doesn’t exist the picture that from before you is necessarily incomplete if you from an opinion based on it your opinion would obviously be wrong.

Farooq Baloch

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